Quite simply, Tarka was the most innovative bar fount to hit the market for years, perhaps ever. It was the first mainstream condensation fount, and represented the most complex fount rollout ever accomplished by Scottish & Newcastle. The design spawned many imitators, but condensation has never been done as well, nor on such a large scale.

It all stemmed from a rather basic design objective - make Foster's the most desirable drink on the bar. To do that, it had to look irresistibly refreshing upon first sight. As is often the case, the solution was simple - make the fount look as cold as possible! Actually producing real condensation economically, consistently and reliably was a more complex matter, but in conjunction with a first class development team at Scotsman Beverage Solutions we brought the design to market with remarkably little aesthetic compromise.

That’s all very well, but what difference did it make? Well, when it replaced the previous fount in any given location, sales increased by an average of 23%, almost immediately, with no extra marketing support.

A case of real, tangible design effectiveness.

  • - concept
  • - product design
  • - 3d design
  • - cad
  • - production liaison