Snow Queen is a premium vodka from Kazakhstan. It’s often the vodka of choice at the most exclusive nightclubs; in the off-trade, it could be difficult to find. We designed this retail display as a specific answer to the challenges presented by liquor stores, where by law all off-trade spirits are sold in the US.

The objective was to design a beacon for the consumer. We’d always been captivated by the beautiful frosted bottle with its printed Snow Queen, and the way it glows when light is shone through it. So we wanted lots of white light. Other than that, it was a case of showing off the bottle to its best effect.

The tower has huge presence. Standing over 2m tall, it displays 90 bottles of Snow Queen, all diffused with light from the central column. The top and base are also lit, and a ring of light is cast on the base area in order to visually lighten the unit. Chrome railings keep the bottles in place with minimum interruption. The overall effect is of an icy, glowing tower - unfortunately, photography simply can’t capture the emotive appeal of the real thing, but we have tried our best!

Oh, and the project took less than six months from concept to production...

  • - concept
  • - product design
  • - design engineering
  • - cad
  • - production sourcing and liaison