Given the task of designing an ice bucket for Snow Queen, “the most beautiful vodka of them all”, our first thought was glass – in fact, crystal. After all, everybody else uses metal or coloured plastic and the effect is rather utilitarian.

However, we couldn’t make glass work, for reasons of cost, weight and fragility. We went for the next best thing – transparent polycarbonate. The only stipulation was that it should be designed to look like glass rather than plastic, so we opted for an elegant, simple form with a full 7mm wall thickness. The effect is really convincing, and there is the added advantage of the product being practically indestructible.

Ice buckets are normally designed to nest, in order to save space. Unfortunately this means they always end up looking like, well, buckets. They are also easily damaged. We were determined that the Snow Queen item would be treated with more respect, so the result doesn’t nest at all – well, you wouldn’t put crystal glasses inside one another, would you? It also has a larger than average volume: enough to chill a one litre bottle quickly and effectively.

  • - concept
  • - product design
  • - cad
  • - production sourcing and liaison