Leanometer is a remarkable device - it’s the world’s first affordable cornering datalogger for motorcycles, measuring and recording lateral G force, lean angle, acceleration and braking. This information has only recently become available to professional MotoGP teams, so to make it available to club racers and road riders is pretty impressive.

This is another product of our self-initiated projects programme, designed and produced in conjunction with two expert partners in electronics and software.

We designed the entire product: concept, component layout, prototyping and design engineering for manufacture. Everything was designed from scratch, from the custom LCD, to the circuit boards, the ultrasonically welded case and the kit of parts to fit it to your motorcycle. Only the battery and the USB lead are off-the-shelf. The stark angular styling came about from a need to keep product size to an absolute minimum, and also we wanted it to look like a piece of scientific equipment (which it is) rather than a consumer product. Remarkable products shouldn’t look overtly ‘designed’.

Leanometer is on sale now, and we’re already working on a spin-off product.

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