In the UK on-trade, more than 60% of beer is dispensed through T-bars - multiple brands on a single fount. They make a lot of sense to the publican, but for the brand owner, they are a problem: they generally look dreadful, and branding space is very limited.

Hydra changed all that. A multiple-outlet fount designed specifically for the client's brands, incorporating Extra Cold technology and capable of producing condensation, Hydra was - and still - is a radical departure.

Aesthetically, the fount had to be modern, but capable of fitting into different environments. The form is flowing and streamlined, reminiscent of the world of aviation. The top bar is a single piece of stainless steel, with no seams to draw the eye.

We wanted the branding to be integral to the product, so we created convex, spherical lenses with stainless steel bezels. Each brand has its own nacelle within the form, and there is a hierarchy too: the outer nacelles are stepped back, like the engines on an aircraft wing, whilst the centre brand has a larger lens. The centre brand also "owns" the front plate, which is changed accordingly.

Hydra rolled out in 2007 and still looks as fresh as ever.

  • - concept
  • - 3d design
  • - cad
  • - production liaison