HIT stands for Head Injection Tap, an innovative dispense tap developed by Scottish & Newcastle in 2003. At the end of the pour, the barman presses the top button to lay a high quality, long-lasting foamy head on top of the pint. The result is better-tasting beer and more consistency across outlets.

The tap was designed, but they needed a branded handle. Not only that, but a design that would work across every brand they sold, from Foster’s and Kronenbourg to John Smith’s Bitter and Strongbow cider.

Our solution was to separate the branding function from the mechanics: the handle is a thick-wall injection moulding, containing the parts for button activation. The button sits on a raised wall, which prevents liquid ingress into the handle. The branding is a laminated self-adhesive badge which fixes to a metal-plated bezel, and echoes the elliptical branding normally seen on T bars.

Styling-wise, the handle had to be neutral, allowing the branding to work and ensuring maximum longevity. But neutral doesn’t mean primitive in this case - the flowing form ties together several disparate elements in a harmonious way.

Ultimately, successful design is measured in figures, and with over 600,000 units now produced, I think it speaks for itself!

  • - concept
  • - design
  • - modelmaking
  • - technical drawings