Designers rarely ‘taste their own medicine’. They happily explain to clients that their brand needs a facelift to maintain sales, or that a new product could revolutionize the market, but what do they actually know? How much experience have they got of production, distribution, finance and so on?

Well in our case, quite a lot..!

The Dart flyscreen dates back to 1995, when I bought one of the first Ducati Monsters. Realizing it would benefit from a flyscreen to aid motorway riding, I set about making something to suit. The resulting product performed well and I started producing them in small batches, selling them to enthusiasts - a real cottage industry.

In 2005 I decided the product warranted some investment, and commissioned injection moulding tooling to produce the screen. This was a five-figure sum, with no real evidence that it would sell in volume.

Fortunately the flyscreen was an immediate success, and quickly repaid its investment. The product was spun off into a new venture, Dart Flyscreens Ltd, in 2005, and the business has grown rapidly since, adding new models every year. Everything is made in Britain, and 85% of sales are overseas.

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