Here’s something you don’t see on design company websites very often - early stage design work. This is because all work is confidential and, once paid for, becomes the property of the client. However, in this case, the client folded the company, leaving us with the design work and an unpaid bill.

Such is life...

It’s a pity, because it was an interesting project - to launch a new, upper middle market vodka. Normally new entrants are in the premium sector, so it’s refreshing to find somebody who wants to be mainstream. We had done a comprehensive market segmentation and planning exercise in conjunction with a design planner, and had identified several market niches within the apparently crowded vodka market. I’m not going to go into where these territories are, but I thought it would be interesting to show a few examples of the sort of work we present at concept stage.

  • - concept
  • - design
  • - visualisation