“Pilot Design Ltd specialises in product and packaging design.

“On the following pages you’ll see some of our work, old and new. There's a lot more I can’t show you, because it’s confidential or never made it to market.

“The work may look a bit disparate and unconnected. That’s because, if I’m honest, it is! Businesses change and develop, just like people. In a small business these changes happen quicker. This should be a cause for celebration, as the journey is all the more interesting for it.

“Design is fundamentally a simple discipline, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, or that anyone can do it. You need imagination, empathy, and an ability to see the client’s business problem. And that’s just to understand the brief. You also need an open and enquiring mind, an ability to self-critique, the best specialist contacts, and experience to take the job through to production.

“If this sounds like the sort of thing you need, please get in touch.”

Stephen Sleddon
Pilot Design Ltd